Medication Abortion at Home

Abortion pills by mail in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Colorado & New Mexico

A safe, confidential, convenient, and affordable option for pregnancy termination up to 11 weeks


What our patients are saying about us…

  • “Excellent communication and follow up.” -KA
  • “Everything was easy to follow! I will highly recommend. Also contact time is really quick.” -AD
  • “Not just medical help but caring, understanding people treating you like a sister.” -ET
  • “Everything was seamless from your company, making it all less stressful from my end on what I would be going through.” -ET
  • “Friendly and compassionate care all at the convenience from your phone! Got a response right away and they were able to help me with all my questions. Juniper Midwifery deserves to get an award for going above and beyond in the services they provide! Thank you! ❤️” -AW
  • “It was a very easy process. And the pregnancy test provided was a great perk. Also the information packets provided were very helpful.” -TE