About Us

We are a midwifery practice based out of New York City that focuses on reproductive health. We are excited to be able to provide medication abortion care at home that is safe, confidential, convenient, and affordable. We currently serve patients who live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Colorado and New Mexico and look forward to expanding our services!

Our name pays tribute to the juniper berry, an abortifacient and contraceptive that has been used for centuries by traditional midwives and healers to end pregnancies. We honor informed choice, seek to empower patients, and aim to destigmatize abortion by extending the midwifery model of care to the full spectrum of reproductive health. We are committed to intersectional reproductive justice and aim to be able to support all patients independent of ability to pay for care. 

Jillian Barovick, CNM

Jillian (she/her) has worked in reproductive health for over 10 years, first as a nurse at an independent abortion clinic in Philadelphia and currently as a midwife at a public hospital in the Bronx. Jillian lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two cats, George and Clementine.

Marisa Poverman, CNM, WHNP-BC

Marisa (she/her) volunteered as an abortion doula at Planned Parenthood while training to be a midwife in New Haven. She currently works as a midwife at a public hospital in the Bronx. On days off, she and her husband can be found stand up paddling around New York City.

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